Recovery Summer? Where? For Whom?

By John W. Lillpop

According to President Obama and the clowns who support him, Americans should be celebrating the “Recovery Summer.”


Just where in the hell is this phantom recovery taking place? For whom are the bells of recovery tolling?

In fact, despite Obama's idiotic hyperbole, the economic news continues to grow more dreary: Unemployment claims are up, new home sales are down.

The stock market is tracking Obama’s approval ratings in a decidedly “headed south” direction. Liberal columnist Paul Kruger of the New York Times even believes we are in the early stages of a third depression.

Despite Obama’s trillion-dollar “stimulus,” a double-dip recession seems likely. Unemployment is outrageously high.

So, just where in the hell is the Recovery Summer, Mr. President?

And where in the hell are the 3.5 to 4 million jobs you promised when you signed the stimulus trillion?

With fifteen million Americans out of work, why in the hell are you proposing to legalize tens of millions of invading criminals, many who already hold jobs that should be filled by citizens?

Recovery summer? Give the American people a break!