PRESS RELEASE: Repeal of Socialized Medicine Gains Momentum in U.S. House!

By John W. Lillpop

The following press release (1) was issued by Congressman Steve King concerning the repeal of the Marxist health care fiasco passed by the Nancy Pelosi House of Ill Repute:

“Washington D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) today announced that efforts to force the House of Representatives to vote on legislation providing for a 100% repeal of “Obamacare” continued to gain momentum, with the addition of the 109th signature. The signature, by Congressman Ralph Hall of Texas, places discharge petition 11 halfway to the goal of 218 signatures, a total that guarantees not only that “Obamacare” repeal legislation would receive a vote but also that ‘Obamacare” would be repealed.

'Efforts to repeal the deeply unpopular ‘Obamacare’ bill continue to gather momentum,’ said King.

‘With the addition of Congressman Hall’s signature, we now have 109 Members of the House of Representatives on record calling for full repeal of ‘Obamacare’, including Republican Leader Boehner, Republican Whip Cantor and GOP Conference Chairman Pence. I expect these numbers to continue to swell as Members of Congress return to Washington after hearing from their constituents over the July 4th holiday period.’

A list of Members who have signed on to the legislation (organized by state) has been provided below:


Alabama: Aderholt, Bachus, Bonner, Griffith, Rogers
Alaska: -None-
Arizona: Flake, Franks, Shadegg
Arkansas: Boozman
California: Bono Mack, Calvert, Campbell, Hunter, Issa, Lungren, McClintock, Miller, Rohrabacher, Royce
Colorado: Coffman, Lamborn
Connecticut: -None-
Delaware: -None-
Florida: Bilirakis, Mack, Miller, Posey, Rooney, Young
Georgia: Broun, Gingrey, Graves, Linder, Price, Westmorland
Hawaii: Djou
Idaho: Simpson
Illinois: Biggert, Manzullo, Roskam, Shimkus
Indiana: Burton, Pence
Iowa: King, Latham
Kansas: Jenkins, Moran, Tiahrt
Kentucky: Guthrie, Rogers
Louisiana: Alexander, Cassidy, Fleming, Scalise
Maine: -None-
Maryland: Bartlett
Massachusetts: -None-
Michigan: Hoekstra, Miller, Upton
Minnesota: Bachmann, Kline
Mississippi: Harper
Missouri: Akin, Graves, Luetkemeyer,
Montana: Rehberg
Nebraska: Terry
Nevada: -None-
New Hampshire: -None-
New Jersey: Garrett
New Mexico: -None-
New York: -None-
North Carolina: Coble, Foxx, McHenry, Myrick
North Dakota: -None-
Ohio: Boehner, Jordan, Latta, Schmidt
Oklahoma: Cole, Fallin, Sullivan
Oregon: -None-
Pennsylvania: Pitts, Platts, Thompson
Rhode Island: -None-
South Carolina: Barrett, Brown, Inglis, Wilson
South Dakota: -None-
Tennessee: Blackburn, Duncan, Roe
Texas: Brady, Carter, Conaway, Culberson, Gohmert, Granger, Hall, Hensarling, Marchant, Neugebauer, Olson, Paul, Poe, Sessions, Thornberry
Utah: Bishop, Chaffetz,
Vermont: -None-
Virginia: Cantor, Forbes, Goodlatte
Washington: Rodgers
West Virginia: -None-
Wisconsin: Sensenbrenner
Wyoming: -None- “
1 http://steveking.house.gov/index.cfm?