When It Comes to Paying Taxes, John Kerry Drops the Liberal Ball!

By John W. Lillpop

Taxes, taxes, and even more taxes are the obsession of every liberal politician ever to hold elective office. Next to reckless spending, there is nothing that brings greater joy and pleasure to a clueless liberal than levying taxes.

Joe Biden, America’s court jester and Vice President rolled up into one ball of embarrassed laughs for all, has even gone so far as to suggest that paying more taxes is the patriotic thing to do!

Senator John Kerry Massachusetts, normally an ultra-liberal by most measures, appears to lack the patriotism that Joe Biden finds so American.

Indeed, while Kerry may revel in the delights of levying taxes on others, the man goes damn near Republican when it comes to paying taxes, even though the money originates in the deep pockets of Kerry’s sugar mum, the unlovable Teresa Heinz.

As reported at reference 1, in part:

Senator John Kerry found himself answering questions Monday about his new $7 million yacht and the controversy about where he's docking it.

"There's nothing more to say about it," he told reporters at an event at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station Monday.

The "Isabel" is docked in Rhode Island rather than at Kerry's summer home on Nantucket or in Boston Harbor. That means he avoids paying nearly $500,000 in taxes to Massachusetts and he doesn't have to pay a $70,000-a-year excise tax.

"Last week, when the Boston Herald broke the story, Kerry's office released a statement saying, "The boat was designed by and purchased from a company in Rhode Island, and it's based in Newport at the Newport Shipyard for long term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes, not tax reasons."

Not for tax reasons, Senator?

That being the case, sir, why not have Teresa write a check for $570,000 to the state of Rhode Island?

They could use the money, you know, and such an act of generosity would make Joe Biden’s day!

Do it to prove that those Swift Boat bums were wrong and that John Kerry is a very patriotic American!