How to Say, “You Are Under Arrest for Driving While Brown and Drunk (DWBAD)”--- in Spanish?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Law and order took another monster step away from mankind this week as the New Jersey state Supreme Court ruled that police must explain implied consent laws to suspects in a language they understand.

In the case of German Marquez, that is most assuredly NOT English.

As reported at reference 1, in part:

“TRENTON — Police in New Jersey must explain the state's implied consent law to motorists in a language that they understand, the state Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

“In a 4-3 decision, the court overturned a conviction for refusing to take an alcohol breath test because the man, who spoke only Spanish, did not understand the consequences.

“The court found that a Plainfield police officer failed to inform German Marquez, who is from El Salvador, in Spanish that he would automatically lose his driver's license for seven months if he refused the test.

“Police had responded to a two-car accident in 2007. The officer initially asked in English for Marquez to show his license. When the officer repeated the request in Spanish, Marquez complied.”

Although the court ruling did not specifically mandate bilingual fluency, local police departments are rushing to update their procedures manuals to comply with the understood meaning of the decision.

For example, officers in Trenton are reportedly being trained to use several common phrases when dealing with Latino motorists caught in the cross-hairs of justice.

A partial list of the “Mucho loco” addendum to the Trenton Police Manual includes these jewels in Spanish:

* You are under arrest for drinking while brown and drunk

* Running a STOP sign just because it is not in Spanish is not a viable defense

* AAA insurance does not require tow truck operators to haul your totaled Low-rider to Tijuana, free of charge

* You have the right to remain silent until your Spanish-speaking ACLU shyster slithers to your defense

* We cannot drive you to the El Salvadorian consulate and release you to their care

* Barack Obama does not take collect calls from drunken Latinos in New Jersey even though his poll numbers suck .However, we are authorized to take donations to the "Reelect Obama" Campaign but they are not tax deductible.

* Illegal aliens can vote for the Democrat of his/her choice at (address)

And this, fellow patriots, they call progress??