What Say Ye NOW About Charles Rangel, Madam Speaker?

By John W. Lillpop

Pity poor, old Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

While campaigning for take over of the U.S. House by Democrats in 2006, she had such high hopes for elevating the quality of politicians serving in The People’s House.

If only the American people would install a Democrat majority, she argued, corruption, greed, fraud, lying, and mean-spirited neglect would be replaced by Angels of Liberalism, souls so spiritually pure that wrong would never again be countenanced in the House.

She would, she promised, drain the swamp and clean out the riff raff and bottom dwellers!

She would smoke out, and destroy, House members affiliated with the Culture of Corruption, thereby saving America from all manner of debauchery!

She would restore public confidence in the honesty and integrity of elected officials by eradicating the unworthy from the ranks of the U.S. House!

Then the unthinkable actually happened: The people of America ceded the U.S. House to Marxists and morons, and as a result, Nancy Pelosi proved, beyond a doubt, the existence of the Peter Principle by absconding with the Speaker’s gavel which, by default, meant she was the new Speaker.

Thus began the degradation of the esteemed U.S. House to its current sorry state as the Pelosi House of Ill Repute.

Two years ago, Charles Rangel started making negative news as allegations of tax impropriety began to surface.

These revelations were particularly embarrassing to the “Swamp Lady,” as Nancy Pelosi was known in comedy clubs and other venues where honest people congregate to talk politics.

The joke was that Pelosi’s swamp cleaner was programmed to spit out only members with an R next to their names, thereby leaving blobs of corruption like Rangel unscathed.

Still, Pelosi defended her chubby tax cheat and refused for the longest time to challenge Rangel to abandon his spot as the Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means.

Month after month, Pelosi continued to stand strong in her stubborn defense of Charles Rangel, waiting, she said. for more definitive proof and facts.

Then last Thursday a House panel made public 13 charges of misusing office and tax and disclosure violations against Rangel as it opened the trial phase of the ethics proceedings against him.

Trial phase? Good golly, Madam Speaker, this sounds serious!

With the release of the public charges, many powerful Democrats, including President Barack Obama, have suggested that now is the time for Charles Rangel to end his career with “dignity”—and before even more damage is done to the Democrats’ chances in the upcoming elections.

In spite of the political firestorm that is consuming Charles Rangel, Nancy Pelosi has, as of this moment, made no statement, has uttered no new support or condemnation for the rotund rascal from Harlem.

Which leads to the pressing question: What Say Ye NOW About Charles Rangel, Speaker Pelosi?