How Did Charles Rangel Avoid Pelosi's Passion to "Drain the Swamp" ?

By John W. Lillpop

San Francisco's very own Nancy Pelosi was at the forefront of the liberal capture of the U.S. House of Representatives four years ago with her silly rhetoric to "Drain the Swamp," shut down the "Culture of Corruption," and other mindless slogans.

In a historic misreading of voter sentiment, once the 2006 election was final, Madam Speaker immediately impounded the Speaker’s Gavel and boldly trumpeted the emergence of a "New Day in America."

Less than four years later, it is clear that Pelosi's much- ballyhooed swamp cleaner needs a major overhaul so as to ferret out the worst manner of muck feeding at the very bottom of the swamp.

Specifically, Pelosi needs to reboot her sleaze screen to catch the likes of alleged tax fraud Rep. Charles Rangel whose protestations of innocence will be put to the test after a House investigative panel announced that Rangel would face a public ethics trial over findings that he had violated a range of ethics rules.

For the record, Rangel is a liberal Democrat. Apparently, Pelosi’s draining of the swamp applied only to corrupt Republicans!

Which causes one to challenge another goofy Pelosism, the one in which she declared, “Perhaps it will take a woman to clean the U.S. House."

That may be true, but in view of Pelosi’s pathetic record, it is clear that just being a woman is not nearly enough.

Indeed, when it comes to the Speaker of the U.S. House, the American people deserve a competent and ethical leader, regardless of gender.

Shipping Pelosi back to San Francisco come November with her wonky swamp cleaner in tow will truly bring about a "New Day in America," and one worthy of mass celebration!