The Reign of Spain Is Mostly by the Insane!

By John W. Lillpop


After 75 minutes of heart-stopping boredom, in which the score between soccer teams from Spain and the Netherlands was tied at 0-0, the global embarrassment known as the World Cup was mercifully consigned to the cupboard of anonymity for another four years.

After a month-long stupor in which scores of thousands of normally docile fans resorted to protracted drunkenness just to tolerate the incessant, idiotic blasting of vuvuzelas, the final vuvuzela has been silenced and the mostly deaf and daft fans sent home.

Thanks and glory be to Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta who scored the sole goal and the one that put an end to this awful nightmare.

This World Cup final proved, beyond any doubt, the overwhelming superiority of America’s vuvuzela-less culture.

Indeed, while dazed Europeans and Latin Americans were worshipping at the altar of zeros, American superstar LeBron James was nailing down a contract that may earn him as much as 1 plus nine zeros, or a cool billion dollars!

Guess what? LeBron can score and that’s what makes sports interesting and profitable!

So, again, I say: Keep your 0-0 World Cup silliness and the zillions of vuvuzelas.

Give me the good-old fashioned American sport of ripping off vuvuzela-less fans for all the booty they are worth!