Great News from Arizona: Illegal Aliens Say Adios, Americans Say Gracias!

Great News from Arizona: Illegal Aliens Say Adios, Americans Say Gracias!

By John W. Lillpop

Barring a preliminary injunction by some warped leftist judge, Arizona’s SB 1070 will go into force next Thursday.

If that blessed event comes to pass, the Grand Canyon state will become the nation’s leader in efforts to restore grace and honor to the rule of law, American sovereignty, common sense, and the U.S. Constitution, all of which have been vulgarly spat upon by Marxists now occupying Washington, D.C.

As reported by reuters.com (reference 1), in part, illegal aliens are doing Arizona a huge favor by leaving the state early:

“PHOENIX, July 25 (Reuters) - Nicaraguan mother Lorena Aguilar hawks a television set and a few clothes on the baking sidewalk outside her west Phoenix apartment block.

"A few paces up the street, her undocumented Mexican neighbor Wendi Villasenor touts a kitchen table, some chairs and a few dishes as her family scrambles to get out of Arizona ahead of a looming crackdown on illegal immigrants.

"Everyone is selling up the little they have and leaving," said Villasenor, 31, who is headed for Pennsylvania. "We have no alternative. They have us cornered."

"The law, the toughest imposed by any U.S. state to curb illegal immigration, seeks to drive more than 400,000 undocumented day laborers, landscapers, house cleaners, chambermaids and other workers out of Arizona, which borders Mexico.

"It makes being an illegal immigrant a state crime and requires state and local police, during lawful contact, to investigate the status of anyone they reasonably suspect of being an illegal immigrant.”

As could be expected, there are those who see nothing but racism and bigotry in SB 1070.

For example, one confused illegal alien was quoted as saying, “"They wanted to drive Hispanics out of Arizona and they have succeeded even before the law even comes into effect," said one mother of three young children.

Sorry about the confusion mum, but SB 1070 is merely trying to combat the flow of invading criminals, those with no legal or moral basis for being here, from coming in violation of our borders and laws. It applies to all races.

It is similar to what Mexico does to invaders from south of its borders, except that illegal aliens in Arizona do not face kidnap, rape, and murder as is the case in Mexico!

Here is hoping that SB 1070 is allowed to become the law of the land in Arizona next Thursday and that lawmakers there can concentrate on ending the scourge known as “Anchor Babies,” another rip off of America by free loaders and scam artists from south of the U.S.

As the illegal alien population migrates back to Mexico, the invaders will cry Adios, and American citizens will respond with Gracias!