Michele Bachmann Leaving US House, But Nancy Pelosi Is Not? Why?

By John W. Lillpop

Republican Michele Bachmann(R-Minnesota) is in many ways the ideal candidate for Minnesota and for the United States.

She is:


Blessed with Excellent Judgment



Morally Circumspect




Fiscally Frugal


All in all, Michele Bachmann is exceptionally qualified to serve the American people as an elected representative, especially in the era of Barack Obama and the Marxists where fierce opposition is essential for the preservation of the republic.

Given Backmann’s exceptional credentials why has she opted to leave the US House by not seeking reelection in 2014?

As reported at the reference:

Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann, who last year ran for the Republican presidential nomination, announced on Wednesday that she will stand down from her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a video posted on her website and on YouTube, the stressed that her decision to stand down from her Minnesota seat was not due to any concern she would be defeated at the next election in 2014 or the inquiries into activities of her former presidential campaign staff.

And she said she would continue to fight for the policies she believes in and that her future was “limitless and my passion for America will remain.”

“There is no future option or opportunity … that I wouldn’t be giving serious consideration if it can help save and protect our great nation,” she said.”

While Rep. Bachmann leaves the US House, her diametrical opposite, the ultra-liberal nincompoop from California, Nancy Pelosi, apparently will seek to haunt the US House for yet another term.

Unlike Bachmann, Pelosi is a natural national disaster, long past due for forced retirement at the hands of intelligent, informed voters.

The problem is that Pelosi hails from San Francisco where “intelligent, informed voters” are all but outlawed and where America is regarded as the world’s most dangerous enemy!

By comparison to Bachmann, Pelosi is:

Woefully ignorant about current events

Has the judgment of a demented ass

Dumb as baby poop

A Pinocchio clone of Barack Obama

Morally Suspect

Too damn old to do anything but die

Suffering from Botox poisoning

Anti-American on all issues

A non-believer is fiscal responsibility, and

Too liberal for Moscow, Russia

So given the Bachmann advantages, why in the hell is she leaving while Pelosi remains?
Is this definitive proof that there is, in fact, no God?