Obama Must Not Surrender in War On Terror; Must Order IRS and Eric Holder to “Stand Down”!

By John W. Lillpop

The realization that Benghazi is not going away anytime soon has finally made it into the conscious mind of Barack Obama. As a result, the president returned to his 2012 campaign rhetoric in a feeble attempt to soothe anxious Americans with a “Counter-Terrorism” speech last week.

The gist of Obama’s speech was that Al-Quaeda has been decimated and the war on terror has been won … thanks to the stellar leadership of Barack Obama.

As reported in the media, Obama’s speech was both farcical and fanciful in an area of government that requires sober reflection and honest talk:

Yet, even as the new fronts in the war on terrorism sprang up, the Administration continued to argue that it was winning. After Islam terrorists murdered Americans and burned a U.S. consulate to the ground in Benghazi, the President claimed he was winning. As homegrown terrorists kill in Boston and London, he claims he is winning. As the Taliban mocks the U.S. standing down in Afghanistan, he claims he is winning.

Rather than admit failure and change course, faced with criticism here at home, the President has decided to declare victory, hoping this will reenergize support from the left. In his speech, he promised to do even less and make the less more transparent. This will no doubt please progressives who were unhappy that Obama carried over any vestige of the Bush policies.

While this speech may make the President more popular with the progressive caucus, it amounts to Maginot Line strategy: The U.S. won’t go after them if they don’t come after us. If they do come after us—we will treat them like any other criminal. If they do get through—it won’t be our fault; it will be the result of addled minds and “senseless” violence. Obama has warped backed to the Clinton counter terrorism strategy of the 1990s without remembering that was the strategy that led to 9/11.”

President Obama needs to recognize that the Boston Marathon bombing and the London meat cleaver terrorism are clear signs that the war goes on---despite his campaign rhetoric!

Why not set aside foolish pride for a moment, Mr. President, and work to defend and protect the American people from terrorism, AND order IRS and Eric Holder to “Stand down” in their ruthless assaults on Americans?

And keep GITMO open to house IRS liars and other administration deniers!  Sir!