Chris Matthews: No Longer “Glad” for Hurricane Sandy and the Reelection of Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

Chris Matthews is one of the major reasons that the US media is regarded with such contempt and disrespect by enlightened voters.

The redoubtable Matthews hit at all time low in stupidity, partisan groveling and fawning over Barack Obama last November 7 when, despite the loss of human life and billions of dollars of property damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the addled Matthews actually expressed how “glad” he was that the storm helped reelect Barack Obama.

As reported at the reference, Matthews spit and sputtered his descent into hell with the following idiotic statement:

“I'm so glad we had that storm last week…”

Six months and several major scandals later, Matthews appears to have had second thoughts about both Hurricane Sandy and her primary benefactor, the clueless Barack Obama.

As reported at reference 2:

Five years ago, MSNBC host Chris Matthews famously declared that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama gave him a "thrill up my leg." Now, amid two ongoing scandalous situations at the White House, Matthews said that the Obama presidency no longer has any "thrust."

For the last two days, Matthews has delivered blistering critiques of Obama. Matthews has combined his own frustration at Obama's inability to pass any of his agenda with the flap over the IRS and AP phone scandals that have developed over the past week.

"There's a reason the President's an easy target tonight," Matthews said on Tuesday, opening his show "Hardball."

"He's a ship with the engine off. He can go play golf, take Marine One up to Manhattan, but none of that matters. None of it. What matters is that he commands no big cause. There's no thrust to his presidency right now."
Actually, there IS a thrust to the Obama presidency, Chris. Unfortunately, Obama’s thrust would, if allowed to continue, transform America into third-world, failed state stuck in a quagmire of tyranny and failed Marxist principles, administered by anti-American liberal bureaucrats!

And THAT would be a tragedy of such huge proportions that even a Category 5 hurricane during an election would be unable to right the American ship!

The bottom line: Be careful what you give thanks for!

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