Barack & Eric Make Amos and Andy Downright Respectable by Comparison!


By John W. Lillpop

One of the great comedies to come out of radio and the early days of television was the Amos and Andy show which was a hilarious look at the foibles and follies of life in an stereotypically dysfunctional African-American community.

The show featured the manipulative and cunning “Kingfish” always on the hunt for a get-rich scheme, usually at the expense of his good-natured, but naïve, pal, Andy.

The early story lines and characters are described in detail at the reference.

Unfortunately, the show fell victim to PC mania when humorless liberals were disturbed that the show was disrespectful of African Americans.

Looking back now, with Barack Obama and Eric Holder in positions of political power, the good old days of Amos and Andy don’t look so demeaning after all.

Despite their minor character weaknesses, neither Amos nor Andy were involved in criminal acts against the American people. They did not lie and cover up murder in a foreign land; they did not use the tyrannical powers of the IRS to discriminate against conservative Americans, and they did not act to deny journalists absolute rights guaranteed by the US Constitution!

Perhaps America would be better off if our government was managed by Amos and Andy, rather than Barack and Eric?