Strategy for “At Risk” Conservatives In Avoiding Harassment by IRS

Satire by John W. Lillpop

With the latest revelations of felony abuse by the IRS against conservatives, those of us who profess to be right-minded need to recognize that we are at war with the Obama administration, or to be more precise, they are at war with us.

And it ain’t no “cold war,” brother, for these blokes will strip the gold fillings out of your teeth at the slightest provocation!

At risk conservatives include those who are: Known, or suspected of being, Christian, sexually straight, supportive of the 2nd Amendment, pro-life, scoffers who believe global warning to be a money-grabbing crock from the wild, scrambled psyche of Al Gore, opposed to big government and high taxes, favor austerity and reduced spending by government, are opposed to the wanton slaughter of innocent babies in the name of Roe V. Wade, believe in American Exceptionalism, and those who demand that illegal aliens be denied amnesty and deported ASAP!

Should you or loved ones fall into one or more of these categories, due diligence is required to defend you and yours against brutal attacks from the IRS and Eric Holder.

Another tip: When completing your Income Tax returns, always include a footnote on the original which reads: I am an avowed Communist who voted twice for Barack Obama!

With that disclaimer duly recorded, you will never be targeted by IRS AND your tax refund will be processed immediately!