Mexican Authorities Arrest Mormon-American Mother of Seven Based On Yankee Profile!

By John W. Lillpop

In Mexico, justice is readily available to all, PROVIDED that one has the money needed to bribe one’s way through the multi-layered maze of corruption that engulfs the entire legal-penal system in this third-world, failed state.

Just ask Yanira Maldonado, a Mormon mother of seven from Arizona who continues to rot in a Mexican jail on a contrived drug smuggling charge based on Mexican profiling of Maldonado because of her American heritage.

As reported at the reference:

The family of an Arizona mother who is being held in a Mexican jail, accused of smuggling drugs on her way back from a family funeral, said her second day in court will be "key" to her release.

Yanira Maldonado and her husband Gary were on a bus home to from Mexico a week ago after going to a funeral there for Maldonado's aunt when the bus they were on was stopped by soldiers at a checkpoint in Hermosillo, about 170 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

The soldiers claimed they found 12 pounds of marijuana strapped underneath Gary Maldonado's seat, only to later switch their story, and allege the drugs were underneath Yanira Maldonado's seat, her family said.

Since then, the Mormon mother to seven children has been held behind bars, despite the family's best efforts to free her — even taking the advice of a Mexican attorney and trying to bribe officials with $5,000 at the beginning of an ordeal that Gary Maldonado's brother-in-law, Brandon Klippel, described on Tuesday as a "nightmare that felt surreal."

But Maldonado was simply transferred from a Hermosillo jail to a women's facility in Nogales — not freed. She has not officially been charged.

Her first day of court, where she was represented by a local attorney, concluded yesterday without a decision on her freedom. According to Klippel, she will return to court Wednesday for a "key" day.

"They will be hearing testimony from the soldiers at the checkpoint today and our attorney will have the chance to cross-examine them. This is the crux of the prosecution, so today is key," he told NBC News via email.

On Tuesday, Klippel said, two witnesses from the bus testified that the Maldonados stowed their luggage underneath the bus and didn't bring anything on board the bus with them. Two family members also testified, sharing details about the May 19 funeral that brought the Maldonados to Mexico in the first place.

A magistrate in Nogales must rule on Maldonado's case by 6 p.m. Friday, or she will be sent to another facility for what could be several more months of jail time.

The family fears what might happen if she is transferred.

“Our greatest fear right now is that our sister will be lost,’’ Klippel told Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Wednesday. “One of the things the attorney said to us right in the beginning is that once you’re in the federal prison system (in Mexico), they move you around without keeping good records. In fact, she was lost for the first day in the prison system when this first started."

So while our addled president and Congress work 24/7 to grant amnesty and citizenship for 11 million invaders from Mexico and points south, Mexico treats American citizens as cash cows ripe for milking/bilking.