Why the Mad Rush to Become Mexico?

By John W. Lillpop

Some American politicians, sadly on both sides of the ideological aisle, seem obsessed with the desire to downgrade our pristine, advanced, and cultured nation into a 3rd-world, failed state akin to Mexico, our beleaguered neighbors to the south.

Without fear of contradiction, it can be stated emphatically that Mexico is a corrupt, damn- near uninhabitable terror network run by drug cartels, human smugglers and Mexican elitists who live off the backs of unwashed Mexican peasants AND American bozos who buy Mexican drugs and rhetoric.

Mexico’s chief exports are illiterate peasants and drugs, both marketed with booming success in America.

Why in the world are US elected officials so fond of the inferior culture that permitted Yanira Maldonado, an innocent mom of seven from Arizona, to be set up by Mexican police, and whom might have rotted for months in a filthy, sub-human Mexican prison were it not for media reports which proved that Maldonando’s only real crime was being dumb enough to go to Mexico in the first place, when she should have known better!

We understand that Maldonado visited the hell that is Mexico in order to pay final respects to an aunt who had been mercifully allowed to escape the manacles of Mexico for the meager price of that auntie’s earthly life.

Your life or your freedom to get out of Mexico, aunt!  Auntie was smart and got the hell out of Mexico with the best offer available!

Still why do folks like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, and most, if not all, Democrats, want to remake America into a likeness of Mexico with the putrid amnesty proposal now being debated?

Humanitarian reasons you say?  Really?

What about the human needs and rights of American citizens—why not advocate on their behalf for a moment?

While Democrats are the main drivers of the Mexican lunacy, Republicans(?) like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio have joined the ranks of the insane and are amenable to destroying American culture, language, and sovereignty for----cheap labor?

Again, Mexico is an inferior culture.  Why do US politicians want to downgrade and dumb-down America?