Proselytizing for Allah—with a Meat Cleaver!

By John W. Lillpop

Advocates for western religions usually try to “spread the word” and increase their numbers by demonstrating as many positive benefits as possible to would be converts.

This, they usually showcase love and compassion for the poor and elderly, rigorous honesty, kindness, forgiveness, and other positive attributes practiced by their denominations.

Islamic preachers, on the other hand, are less concerned with gentile methods and are far more likely to frighten “infidels” with vivid examples of  what can happen to those who do not repent and give their all to Allah.

From London, Michael Adebolajo, a Jihadist with attitude, served up a chilling testimonial on behalf of Allah by slaughtering an innocent UK soldier to death with a meat cleaver.

How can murdering in cold blood be sanctioned as a justifiable religious ceremony by anyone, regardless of how nutty and radicalized?

This is where linguistics comes into place.  As everyone knows, Muslims claim to be adherents of the “Religion of Peace.”

In fact, these 7th century retards should be called the “Religion of Piece,” …piece of neck bone here, piece of hand there, piece of brain here, and so forth.

Peace is not really a part of the Islamic game plan at all.

To Muslim extremists, the new rallying cry is, “Leave it to cleaver.”

Allah willing, that is!