Given Barack Obama’s Contempt for Rule of Law, Why Is Anyone Surprised By Lawlessness at IRS?

By John W. Lillpop

How amusing to watch Democrats, from Barack Obama to Harry Reid, feign outrage, shock, and horror at the tyranny practiced by the Internal Revenue Service.

Almost from the day he took over the White House on that dreary January,20 in 2009, President Obama has been on a mission to “Fundamentally Transform” the American way.

Unfortunately, Obama’s sinister plot has included gutting the rule of law so as to weaken American sovereignty, immigration laws, and deportation of illegal aliens.

Obama has refused to secure US borders with Mexico, has ignored 11-20 million illegal aliens squatting here unlawfully, and has issued Executive Orders to support Janet Napolitano in her redefinition of illegal aliens as “newly arrived refugees,” to be welcomed with open arms, rather than deported as required by law.

Given Obama’s defiant disregard for the rule of law in the area of immigration and others, just how in the hell does he expect the IRS to be run in accordance with law and ethical behavior?

Obama has set an awful example for government agencies and employees. Namely, the rule of law is not absolute and is subject to the whims of an administration looking to establish a strangle hold on political power.

Maintaining political power trumps the rule of law—according to Barack Obama!