In Rush to Generate Revenue, Why Has Obama Failed to Unleash IRS on Illegal Aliens?

By John W. Lillpop

Over the past years, Barack Obama has stubbornly, and blindly, countered demands for cuts in spending with counter demands for new or increased taxes.

Which is why the federal government is $16.5 trillion in debt, and growing, every year that Obama remains in office.

Give Obama’s maniacal obsession with taxes it seems curious that he has all but ignored a growing segment of American society that is notorious for deliberately evading their “fair share” of the tax burden.

That would be illegal aliens, who illegally feed at the public trough to take welfare, food stamps, and other public services intended for citizens, but many of whom pay no taxes.

Why has Obama not ordered brass-knuckled goons at the IRS to smoke out illegal aliens and force these scam artists and freeloaders to pay up, and get out?

Instead, Obama wastes precious IRS resources to harass, hound, and intimidate American citizens with the audacity to call themselves “patriots” or Tea Party members.

Just what the hell sense does that make?

The only explanation is a very sinister, political one: Illegal aliens are future Democrats.

There you have the Barack Obama formula for growing the Democrat Party: Refuse to secure the US- Mexican border, legalize the millions of invaders who make it into America, and convert the legalized illegals into voting Democrats!