Engulfed by Scandal, Will Obama Opt for the Fog of War?

By John W. Lillpop

Pundits have long been befuddled by Barack Obama’s seeming inability to deal with “foreign entanglements” on a timely basis. Examples include unresolved disasters in Iran, Syria, and North Korea, the sum of which has lead to the charge that Obama is indecisive, muddled, and lazy, or all of the above.

The word “dithering” seems quite apt in describing the president’s indifferent arrogance with respect to issues which do not involve raising taxes, expanding unaffordable entitlements, or transforming America into an forced colony of third-world Mexico through amnesty.

But perhaps Obama has an even more sinister ploy up his sleeve?

Is it possible that Obama has been stockpiling scandals in order to secure the greatest political advantage at a later date?

Think about it: With Benghazi, criminal abuse by the IRS, and Eric Holder’s “I know nothing” dance around the AP scandal on his plate all at once, Obama is in need of a major distraction.

Something to kick Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and the State Department whistle blowers off the front page. A major story that will overshaow the unlawful profiling of conservatives by the IRS.

Now more than ever, Obama needs a credible alternative to the Benghazi scandal, and, say, isn’t it about time that Iran be slapped around and put back in her box?

Similarly, the IRS kerfuffel and the AP mess pale in comparison to American boots on the ground in Syria or North Korea!

The big question: Can heretofore deferred actions on international matters be parlayed into an aggressive action plan that will save the Obama presidency and legacy?