Harry Reid’s Solution to Looming Obamacare “Train Wreck”? More Government Spending!

By John W. Lillpop

When it comes to being intractably committed to wrong headed progressive notion , Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is without equal, unless you count Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Reid’s latest folly involves the imminent train wreck forecast for Obamacare by Max Baucus and others. Reid, never mindful of the federal deficit and the urgent need to reverse the tyrannical overreach of government, strikes a familiar theme in the liberal approach to everything: Spend more taxpayer money!
As reported at the reference:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he shares colleagues’ concerns that the Affordable Care Act could become a “train wreck” if it’s not implemented properly.

Reid warned that people will not be able to choose health insurance plans on government health exchanges if federal authorities lack the resources to set them up and educate the public.

“Max said unless we implement this properly it’s going to be a train wreck, and I agree with him,” Reid said, echoing a warning delivered last month by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.).

Reid warned the federal government is not spending enough money to implement the law because of Republican opposition to ObamaCare.

“Here’s what we have now, we have the menu but we don’t have any way to get to the menu,” Reid said.

Reid made his comments during an hour-long interview on "The Rusty Humphries Show" broadcast Wednesday afternoon from Las Vegas.

The shortage of funding to implement the law has forced President Obama to shift funds from other parts of the law.

“The president is taking money — I wish we had the money just to do this on its own, but he’s agreed, he’s determined he’s going to take money from some of the other things that he feels are less important in the healthcare bill and put it on letting you and others know what’s in the bill,” Reid told a caller to the show.

Reid defended the need for the law, which dramatically expanded federal healthcare subsidies for the uninsured.

“I believe that a country of our size, the only superpower left in the world — it’s not right that we have 50-60 million people … with no health insurance,” he said. “We have to have a program where health insurance shouldn’t go to people who are rich, people who are upper-middle class. I believe the middle class and people below the middle class deserve to go to the hospital when they’re sick.”

Reid said he was well familiar with the law, which spanned as long as 2,000 pages when it was a bill, before it passed.

“Of course I read it. I didn’t sit down on a Friday evening and read it. This legislation was drafted over a period of months and months,” he said. “I can pass a test on it. I knew the law pretty well.”

Pass a test on it Harry?  Including the economics?  Phooey!

Once again the Democrat Leader of the Senate puts partisan politics ahead of the best interests of the American people at large.

Reid knows full well that the middle-of-the shenanigans and corrupt procedures employed by he, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama in getting Obamacare approved has produced an unworkable monster that will ultimately cost the American people hundreds of billions (trillions?) of dollars and thousands of jobs while destroying the best health care in the world.

Reid also knows that mid-term elections are just around the corner; thus, he is already crafting a strategy for blaming Republicans for the inevitable failure of Obamacare.

Sorry, Harry! The American people just will not buy your Obamacare snake oil.

Voters know that Democrats passed Obamacare on their own. 
Now it’s all yours, baby!

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