Amnesty Scheme All About Leveling Playing Field With Mexico!

By John W. Lillpop

In Barack Obama’s Marxist brain, his main function in life is to redistribute wealth from those who presumably have too much to those who have less.

Obama adheres to this obsession with ‘redistribution to level the playing field’ in all matters, excepting his own personal affairs. Which is why his daughters attend pricey private schools while other children attend second rate public institutions.

Its also why Michelle O. spends a small fortune to clothe herself in fancy gowns and jewels, and indulges her lust for the ostentatious with vacations that only the royalty of the world can afford.

And it is why Obama himself spends millions of dollars to golf with Tiger Woods and buy extravagant sports lessons to soothe his mangled psyche after a disastrous first term, and an even worse start to the second!

Its all about leveling the playing field in YOUR life, not his!

He is the poster child for the rich who live by the slogan, Level Not My Playing Field(LNMPF).

And it really explains Obama’s goofy policy toward Mexico.

You see, Obama sees Mexico as poor people of color whom have been victimized by the insatiable greed of white people living in America.
To his way of thinking, America has too much wealth while Mexico has too little of the booty.

Obama’s solution is straight out of Marxism 101: Wealth in America must be extracted from white folks and transferred post haste to Mexicans.

The easy way to do that is to open the borders to as many Mexicans as will come here for free education, health care, welfare, and food stamps, all paid for by taxes taken from greedy whites in America.

Eventually, the Mexicans will return to Mexico with zillions of American dollars stuffed in their pockets and wallets.

Ultimately, there will be parity between Mexico and America, when both are piss poor 3rd world disasters.

At that lovely day, Obama will declare victory as the ‘level playing field’ smothers all creativity and initiative in both nations and makes being dirt- poor the new cool!