Will “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Flesh Out Hardened Criminals?

By John W. Lillpop

One of the more specious arguments advanced by proponents of amnesty for illegal invaders is that the bill
would require illegals to submit to criminal background and other checks to determine suitability for citizenship.

Presumably, those checks would be used to cull out undesirables, with those so identified shipped back to Mexico or other third-world nation of origin.  Unless, that is,  Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama conjure up another phony scheme for postponing, or canceling, deportations all together.

So, if we are to believe Senator Rubio and his seven equally- addled brothers in the US Senate, those who have crossed our borders illegally, taken up residence in violation of our immigration laws, stolen public goods and services to which they are not entitled, evaded income taxes, unlawfully voted in elections, and otherwise pummeled legitimate American citizens will suddenly find Jesus and become ideal candidates for US citizenship?

Are you serious, Senator Rubio?

Do you really expect Pedro, an illegal who has repeatedly been deported, only to invade again and again, to come forth voluntarily in repentance for the promise of amnesty, if and when, he passes a background check?

The same Pedro who has several DUI violations on his record and whom may have been involved in predatory sexual crimes?

Of course, not all illegals are drunken perverts!  Perhaps not even most!

Still, the point is that illegals, although obviously disdainful of the rule of law and how it applies (or does not) to them, are NOT complete idiots—otherwise they would be in the US Senate kissing the ring of Harry Reid and the posteriors of those whom have “hijacked the most deliberative body in the world!

Fact is, any illegal alien who has a tarnished past of any significance will be most reluctant to come forward and voluntarily confess to a “Rap Sheet” that would qualify him or her for a life time term at GITMO, rather than US citizenship!

Wise up Senator!  Illegals are expert at gaming the system and manipulating dunderheads like you into really stupid actions!


Work for the interests of American citizens for a change!