Real Purpose for Obama Jaunt to Mexico: Recruitment!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s visit to Mexico is officially listed as a diplomatic mission to reinforce ties with our close friends and allies in Mexico.

However, the real reason is far more sinister and may, in fact, be part of a “high crime and misdemeanor” for which Obama could face impeachment and removal from office.

Treason may also be involved, but punishment for that transgression would surely spark unceasing, ill-founded cries of racism, and will thus be avoided for the time being.

The real purpose behind Obama’s visit to this 3rd-world failed state is voter recruitment, plain and simple.

Obama is desperate to make sure that those with the urge to invade America (about 33 million Mexicans!) act in a timely fashion and get settled before the amnesty scam is codified! The idea is to be in America and covered by amnesty in time to register and vote in the mid-term elections next year.

Which is why Obama spoke in glowing terms about immigration reform (AKA Amnesty) and redemption for millions of invaders through unearned citizenship.

His message was simple: Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by. Invade America now and secure a bright future and plenty of dinero for you and your family!

Constitutional scholars must decide if Obama is guilty of an impeachable offense. After all, he has refused to secure the borders and to enforce immigration laws on the books.

That insolence has the potential to deliver at least 11 millions voters to the Democrat party and turn the nation blue for decades.

The burning question: Can a sitting president refuse to enforce selected laws in order to “grow” his party? Is he allowed to visit a foreign nation to encourage would-be-invaders to come to America illegally, again, for the purpose of growing his party?

Is that not an act of voter fraud committed by the Executive branch?

Message to the Gang of Eight: Before passing your amnesty scheme, consider the probability that signing said dilly could put Barack Obama in line for removal from office via impeachment!