Another “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” Hillary?

By John W. Lillpop

In 1998 during the President Clinton-Monica Lewinsky abuse of power scandal, Hillary Clinton decided to “Stand by Her Man”, and all the power and wealth that he had access to as President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton thus defended her problem boy-child by referring to Ken Star and the Republican Congress as a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” looking to score a political KO, than after truth and justice.

As history proved decisively, the Former First Lady turned out to be dead wrong.

President Clinton DID have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, and as a result of incessant lying while under Oath, Clinton was eventually impeached by the Congress, but not removed from office because of a vast left wing conspiracy by Democrats in the US Senate whom decided to Stand by Their Man, despite perjury and subornation of justice, and, most awful, his rampant abuse and harassment of women.

Hillary’s vast right-wing conspiracy turned out to be truth tellers who refused to waffle despite a campaign of Bullying from the Presidential Pulpit and from the naïve Hillary who claims to have believed Bill Clinton in spite of a sordid history of adultery and lies.

Fifteen years later, it is Hillary who is under public scrutiny for her role in the deaths of four foreign diplomats in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Once again, loyal Democrats have placed political ambitions and position above truth and, in Hillary’s case, the lives of four patriotic Americans.

Congress held an illuminating hearing on May 8 during which three well-respected career officials testified about the events at Benghazi that dreary September evening in 2012.

The “Whistle Blowers” left little doubt that Hillary Rodham Clinton abdicated her responsibility as Secretary of State in order to protect and defend Barack Obama and his campaign for re-election.  Clinton made a mockery of the State Department and of the whole notion of service to the nation.

She should be arrested for treason, disbarred, and prohibited from running for elective office ever again.  Even more punitive measures should be taken against this congenital liar, although her age and vast left-wing conspiracy resources will surely shield her from justice.

What say you, Ms. Rodham Clinton?  Another ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’?