Where Was Barack the Night of September 11, 2012? TOP TEN Possibilities Revealed!

By John W. Lillpop

As the truth about Benghazi comes out little by little, the one question that Barack Obama and his henchman have not even tried to answer is this:

Just where in the hell was the Commander-in-Chief Obama during the late night of September 11 and early morning hours of September 12, 2012 when the embassy at Benghazi was under attack and four American diplomats were murdered?

Only a demented liberal would say the answer is “Irrelevant” or “What difference does it make?”

In fact it DOES matter and it is entirely relevant to securing a logical understanding of the events of that awful September night and early morning and for holding our government accountable for protecting innocent Americans placed in harm’s way by the administration.

Right-wing pundits are postulating a number of possibilities, mostly involving treason or other impeachable offenses.

Ten of the most popular theories are presented below:

On the night of September 11 and early morning of September 12, 2012,  Barack Obama was engaged in one or more of the following:

* Live Fund-Raising Event at GITMO

* “Hands on” Tutoring of UN Ambassador Susan Rice for Sunday News Shows, Re Benghazi Talking Points

* Negotiations with Hillary Clinton Lawyer re Price for Delaying Her “Insider Tell-All” Book Until After Election
* Smoker’s Anonymous: Seminar for Elitists Who Need Extra Help Giving Up Pall Mall Unfiltered Longs
* “Spanish Basics for Dummies” Class in Advance of Meeting with Illegal Aliens in Oval Office

* Four Hour Q&A Session with Richard Nixon Via White House Channel Madam Jiraiffi

* Night Golf With Tiger Woods

* Secret Meeting with IRS Chief Douglas Shulman to Discuss Easter Egg Hunt Scheduled for Spring, 2013

* Private Screening of “Innocence of the Muslims” flick Used to Hide Truth About Terrorist Attack at Benghazi

* Meeting with Harry Reid to Discuss Mitt Romney’s Tax Records

There are other possibilities, of course. It is even possible that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Jay Carney have told the truth—however, that is considered too small a probability to be seriously considered.

Where was Barack Obama the night of September 11, 2012?

Fret not Patriots: The truth WILL OUT!