Eric Holder Investigating Eric Holder: What It Says About Barack Obama’s “Moral Authority”!

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama has done a lot of foolish, ill-advised, impeachable, disrespectful, arrogant, anti-American, unconstitutional, illegal and inexplicable things during the nearly four and one half years in which he has held the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue captive to Marxism and Islamic extremism.

Obama’s missteps have harmed the American economy and the prospects of prosperity for untold future generations; he has jeopardized national security with foreign policies that punish American allies, while rewarding terrorists and would be terrorists; he has refused to protect the US borders and has encouraged the invasion of American soil by millions of non-English speaking, uneducated, unskilled foreign peasants just to grow the Democrat Party; he has ravaged the First amendment rights of religious institutions and journalists; he has refused to face the severity of the nation’s spending addiction, by demanding that taxes be increased when even he knows that higher taxes stunt economic growth; he has wasted valuable tax dollars on alternative energy sources only to watch those dollars vaporize into bankruptcy, and he has exacerbated already strained race relations by using race as a political weapon to divide Americans.

In other words, Barack Obama is, and has been, a complete failure as president except to illegal aliens, sleeper cells, and socialists dreaming of ending capitalism in America.

However, despite Obama’s rich legacy of scandal, fraud, lies, and cover up, one situation rises above all the rest as proof that Barack Obama has not now, or ever had, the moral authority to lead America. The situation?

In spite of all the evidence against Eric Holder, Barack Obama continues to express confidence in the contemptible Attorney Journal, and refuses to “clean the swamp” by putting Holder on a fast track to private life, off the government teat.

Face it patriots: Barack Obama is an awful president not just because of his lack of experience in a real job, or his fondness for Marxism and Islam. Rather, Barack Obama is a failure because he lacks the moral integrity required to lead a great nation.

When it comes to moral authority and Barack Obama, there is no there there!