Time to Return 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

If President Barack Obama had even an inkling of humility or graciousness in his soul, he would immediately fly to Oslo and return the coveted Nobel Peace Prize which was nefariously gifted in order to humiliate former President George W. Bush.

As reported, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama's promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a "new climate" in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world.

Amazingly enough, Obama had the audacity to accept the prize on December 9 of that year, when the gracious, professional thing to do would have been humbly decline the award.

THAT would, of course, be completely uncharacteristic for America’s egotistical Community Organizer who has discredited the US presidency for nigh onto four years.

Recent events throughout the world make it clear that Barack Obama has utterly failed to honor the Nobel Prize.

For example, under his leadership, the number of US deaths in Afghanistan reached 2,000 as reported at the reference:

KABUL - U.S. military deaths in the Afghan war have reached 2,000, a cold reminder of the human cost of an 11-year-old conflict that now garners little public interest at home as the United States prepares to withdraw most of its combat forces by the end of 2014.

The toll has climbed steadily in recent months with a spate of attacks by Afghan army and police — supposed allies — against American and NATO troops. That has raised troubling questions about whether countries in the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan will achieve their aim of helping the government in Kabul and its forces stand on their own after most foreign troops depart in little more than two years.

On Sunday, a U.S. official confirmed the latest death, saying that an international service member killed in an apparent insider attack by Afghan forces in the east of the country late Saturday was American. A civilian contractor with NATO and at least two Afghan soldiers also died in the attack, according to a coalition statement and Afghan provincial officials. The U.S. official spoke on condition of anonymity because the nationality of those killed had not been formally released. Names of the dead are usually released after their families or next-of-kin are notified, a process that can take several days.”
The 2000th death in Afghanistan comes on the heels of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks against American embassies in Egypt and Libya and widespread  anti-American riots by Muslims throughout the world.

Apparently, Obama’s “reaching out to the Muslim world” has also failed completely and is yet another reason why the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize should be returned.

How about it, Mr. President? In light of your shabby and naive foreign policy record, why in the hell should the Nobel Peace Prize gather dust in your trophy case while Americans are still dying in Afghanistan and Libya?