“Lady Parts” No Longer in Cross-Hairs of Obama Campaign?

By John W. Lillpop

To date, Barack Obama has enjoyed an overwhelming advantage among women in his reelection bid. Part of this unfair advantage is attributable to Obama’s entitlement gifts for lady voters, especially tax- payer funded abortions and contraception.

Even though Obama’s entitlement bribery could cost taxpayers billions and add unnecesarily to the deficit, to a failed president seeking reelection such expenses are seen as worthwhile “investments” in America’s future.

Indeed, in their zeal to secure the female vote, Obama-bats may have crossed the line of prudence and decency (AGAIN)! with their ill-conceived ad which asks women to vote with their “Lady Parts.”

As reported at reference 1, the Lady Parts spiel was not universally accepted as witty and clever:

Turns out a number of women are a tad uncomfortable with the President of the United States making reference to their "lady parts." After the Obama campaign posted an e-card today featuring a flapper-style lady with the words, "Vote like your lady parts depend on it," viral controversy broke out and officials deleted it within hours. Although some found the message cute or empowering, others were offended.”

As reported at reference 2, offended ladies caused the tasteless ad to be yanked from the Obama pitch
"In an election season where nearly every misstep and gaffe that makes the news has been coming out of the Romney campaign, it would appear that team Obama has finally slipped up in an unforgivable way. That's right, the Obama campaign liked a someecard. After the above user-generated yourecard was reblogged on (and hastily removed from) the official Obama campaign tumblr, a slew of conservative bloggers, their grasps wrapped firmly around some straws, unleashed a firestorm of criticism against the campaign, accusing them of reducing women to their reproductive organs.”

Hmmm. Sounds like an evil war on women, but wars on women are waged only by the GOP, right?

In any event, the Obama-Bats have removed the offensive ad and have thus taken “Lady Parts” out of the cross-hairs of desperate Obama campaigners!

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