How Big a Bounce Will Obama Get from Anti-American Chaos?

By John W. Lillpop


President Obama has not had a particularly good fortnight in his pursuit of yet another term at the expense of America and our Democracy.

Indeed, recent set backs include:

( ) A tawdry, unprofessional, and vulgar national convention, which showcased Democrats’ hatred for God and Jews; undisciplined and inept handling of Platform and voting rules; foolish attempts to convince we the people that we are "better off" despite all evidence to the contrary, and a dispirited, sophomoric acceptance speech by the nominee;

( )Jobs report for August indicating that four times as many people are simply "giving up" pursuit of the American Dream than are actually successful in getting jobs in the 43rd consecutive month of employment above 8.0 percent;

( )Yet another downgrade to the US credit rating, the second during the term of Barack Obama and the only two in US history.

Despite all of this, Team Obama has actually seen a BUMP UP in the national polls!

Yes, I said UP! Somehow more than a few Americans see merit in renewing the contract for our woefully inept 44th president.

However, events of the past week pose an even greater challenge for Obama:   Anti-American riots are causing our embassies to be torched and innocent diplomats are being slain and or seriously injured.

The big question: Will Obama somehow convert all of that negative news into positive news for his campaign?

In other words, will Obama’s failed "vision" and leading from behind idiocy on foreign policy yield yet another inexplicable "Bounce" from Americans who should know better?