Barack, the Inarticulate, Talks About “Speed Bumps” and “Noise” from Israel!

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama’s “Silver Spoon” has inexplicably turned into a gaffe-ridden handicap during the final weeks before the November elections.

As a result, the once-great orator has Democrat operatives cringing with angst anytime he is called upon to answer questions in a live format, sans the use of a Teleprompter and talking points cheat sheet.

It’s as though The One has inherited W’s speaking defects. Yet another Bush failure comes back to haunt the Community Organizing Marxist!

As reported at the reference, Obama’s latest oratorical wipe-out came before the friendly cameras of CBS and the 60 Minutes show:

Once is a bad day, but twice in a row should worry Democrats. President Obama followed his gaffe-ridden Univision interview with an outing on Sunday on “60 Minutes” that is destined to wind up in a series of Mitt Romney ads. There was this (See YouTube below) on the recent developments in the Middle East, including the death of four Americans:

Obama has used “bump in the road” before, in reference to unemployment, which was the inspiration for one of Romney’s best ads. Obama’s “bumps” seems to be what other people would call “failure.” The “bumps” include four dead Americans and a disastrous loss of intelligence. (The New York Times reports: “The attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans has dealt the Central Intelligence Agency a major setback in its intelligence-gathering efforts at a time of increasing instability in the North African nation.” One official is quoted as saying, “It’s a catastrophic intelligence loss. We got our eyes poked out.”) Had Romney said such a preposterous and grossly insensitive thing as Obama did, there would be calls for him to quit the race; alas, when Obama does it’s not even front-page news for most of the mainstream media.
But that may not have been Obama’s worst moment in the interview. There was this exchange:

STEVE KROFT: “You don’t feel any pressure from Prime Minister Netanyahu in the middle of a campaign to try and get you to change your policy and draw a line in the sand? You don’t feel any pressure?”

OBAMA: “When it comes to our national security decisions — any pressure that I feel is simply to do what’s right for the American people. And I am going to block out — any noise that’s out there.”

Calling Netanyahu’s concern about an existential threat “noise” is another in a long string of insults, snubs and gaffes about Israel. This remark immediately raised red flags in the foreign press.

The Iranians were happy, though. A reader sends me a report that at least one country is delighted. From the Iranian official TV outlet: “US President Barack Obama says Israel’s call for drawing red line over Iran’s nuclear energy program is just ‘noise’ he tries to ignore.” Well, the Iranians got that one right. And just to rub it in, Obama knocked Israel down a peg, saying it was only “one of our closest allies in the region.” Really? Is Egypt the other? The level of disdain he holds for Israel runneth over”

And so it goes. While Mitt Romney prods along in pursuit of truth and a better America, The One seems to be burning bridges at a pace that no “stimulus,” regardless of how large, could keep up with!

Pray God that Obama keeps talking.  America needs to hear what he has to say!