No Such Thing As Voter Fraud, You Say? What About Democrat Wendy Rosen of Maryland?

By John W. Lillpop

To people like AG Eric Holder, Harry Reid and most liberals, perpetuating the Barack Obama failed presidency is more important than protecting the integrity of the vote.

To Mr. Holder and all the other Democrats in denial, or worse, the case of one Wendy Rosen of Maryland should be required reading.

As reported at Reference 1:

Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Andy Harris in Maryland's First Congressional District, which includes the Eastern Shore, has withdrawn from the race.

The Maryland Democratic Party said it demanded Rosen's withdrawal after discovering Rosen has been registered to vote in both Maryland and Florida since 2006 and has voted in both states in two elections.

In a statement, Yvette Lewis, chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party, said, “Today, the Maryland Democratic Party took immediate and decisive action and demanded the withdrawal of Wendy Rosen as nominee for U.S. Representative in the 1st Congressional District after allegations of electoral law violations were brought to our attention.

“In addition, at my direction, the Maryland Democratic Party submitted a letter to the Attorney General and State Prosecutor outlining all information regarding the alleged violations.

“Any effort to corrupt or misuse the electoral process is reprehensible, wrong and must not be tolerated,” Lewis said.

In the letter to Attorney General Doug Gansler and State Prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt, Lewis said the Maryland Democratic State Central Committee had learned "Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006; that she in fact voted in the 2006 general election both in Florida and Maryland; and that she voted in the presidential preference primaries held in both Florida and Maryland in 2008. This information is based on an examination of the voter files from both states.

"We believe that this is a clear violation of Maryland law and urge the appropriate office to conduct a full
investigation," Lewis wrote.”

Well, good for you Ms. Lewis! But why the hell did it take six years to uncover this fraud?

Voter fraud by candidates has not been seen as a factor until now, but since Rosen is a Democrat, anything is possible!

You do recall the voter fraud orchestrated by Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa at the DNC last week right? The one in which Villaraigosa pretended that a revision to the party platform, which deleted God and references to Jerusalem as capital of Israel, was approved by voice vote, although the NAYS appeared to win the day?

What the Rosen debacle points out is the urgent need for a federal law requiring Voter ID everywhere!

Especially for Democrat politicians!

Of course, since Rosen is a Democrat, her fraud may not arouse much concern from the likes of Eric Holder!