Romney’s Anti- Pinocchio Campaign Enrages Leftist Media and Democrats!

                                                  Not Needed in Romney Campaign!

By John W. Lillpop

Mitt Romney had been portrayed as DULL, DULLER, and DULLEST by people on both sides of the political aisle.

Until September 11, that is.

Since then, the Republican stalwart has made national headlines and breaking news alerts just about every day!

FINALLY!  A pandemic of Truth Breaks Out in Presidential Campaign--on GOP side, that is!

Indeed, the mainstream media is in a huge snit over the unprecedented honesty, forthrightness, and guts shown by the only candidate who does not set off Pinocchio alarms with every utterance.

To the exasperation of the liberal media and Democrats, Romney is striking extremely raw nerves because his zingers are both accurate and honest.

The “Romney Truth Campaign” began in earnest on September 11 when, after learning of an outrageous, stupid apology issued by the Obama administration to Islamofascists who attacked a US Embassy, Romney told the truth.

Namely, that the “apology” was ill-advised, ill-timed, and reflected the ineptness, impotence, and unAmerican agenda of the Obama administration.


For that truth letting, Romney became the story as media types rushed to distract attention from the tragedy which cost four Americans their lives in Libya and which spread all across the globe, while alleged Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama played golf and raked in cash at endless fund raisers.

Now a “Secret tape” has been released by a leftist rag (Mother Jones) in which Romney had the audacity to suggest that people whom pay no taxes (47 percent of the population!) are likely to vote for Barack Obama, the Purveyor of class war fare and “tax the rich” hate speech!

Again, BINGO!

Does anyone with even a hint of honesty in her/his soul doubt that the overwhelming majority of those in the 47% bracket are all for taxing the hell out of the rich?

Of course not. 

After all, Soak the rich is a mantra of the Democrat Party on a par with the insane "Diversity is our greatest strength" nonsense.

Once again, Romney is spot on and should be applauded for allowing the light of truth and reason to enter the campaign.

Perhaps Romney has hit his stride in the campaign, albeit unwittingly?

Whatever, Mr. Romney, please keep calling them like you see them.. and start packing for your big move to Washington, D.C. in January!

And to hell with Pinocchio false alarms!