Benghazi Slaughter: How, Why, Who?

By John W. Lillpop

Understanding the massacre of American diplomats in Benghazi is NOT difficult.

Consider the facts:

( )President Obama has unilaterally, and naively,  decreed the war on terror to be OVER and done with, current situation notwithstanding!  As a result, common sense security measures have been abandonded;

( )American loss of life in Benghazi and other anti-American rage throughout North Africa and the Middle East are considered mere “bumps in the road” by Obama;

( )US Secretary of State Clinton and UN Ambassador Rice are more interested in protecting Obama’s backside in an election year than in uncovering the truth and taking actions to prevent further loss of life;

( )The US defense budget is slated to be slashed by $600 billion on January 1. While America prepares to disarm, Iran continues it’s pursuit of nuclear armament, China is striving to take America’s place as the world’s superpower, and Al-Quaeda, far from being dead, targets the murder of even more Americans;

( )President Obama has decided that campaigning for reelection is more important than governing. Considering his performance in office to date, he is probably wise to avoid adding to his legacy of failure by acting.

Bottom line: The Benghazi murders and anti-American rage throughout the world are the direct result of the fact that America is governed by a clueless individual who is too timid, insufficiently engaged, and politically distracted, to stand up for America in these dangerous times.

Solution: In order to protect the interests of the American people, Barack Obama MUST be removed from office by the hand of we the people on November 6.