Hugo Chavez Seizes US Ship: Whither Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

While Barack Obama and the 6,000 Democrats at the DNC have wasted a week trying to defend the worst administration in U.S. history, the evil regime of Hugo Chavez has seized a US ship.

As reported at the reference:

The Venezuelan government has seized a U.S. flagged ship and detained its captain for more than a week.

Since August 29 the ship Ocean Atlas has been at port in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where it docked to unload a cargo of equipment. Yet after four hours in port, the ship was boarded and searched by armed security personnel, and the captain was detained on suspicion of trafficking in arms or drugs.

The rest of the crew of 15 Americans has remained on board under guard. According to a well-placed source arrest warrants have been issued for all of the crewmembers, who are to be taken off the ship for questioning.

Officials at the ship’s operator, Intermarine, did not immediately respond to Forbes’ requests for information. Nor did officials at American Maritime Officers, which is believed to have provided the crew for the ship. A spokeswoman at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington said she would look into the incident.

A U.S. Embassy official in Caracas also confirmed the incident to Reuters earlier today.

The seizure of the ship could become an international incident if not resolved soon. A month ago Venezuela detained a U.S. citizen entering from Colombia. President Hugo Chavez accused the man of being a mercenary and part of an “imperial” plot to oust him. So far there has been no public comment from Chavez about the Ocean Atlas detention.”

Truth exposed: The matter will only become an international incident if Barack Obama wakes up and tries to divert attention from his awful performance at the DNC and the dismal jobs report for August!