Romney Over- Renders Unto Caesar!

By John W. Lillpop

On Friday, Mitt Romney released his 2011 federal tax returns which showed that this “sterling” business man paid more to the government than he owed!

Get that Senator Harry Reid? Romney OVERPAID  Uncle Sam, which according to Democrat clown Joe Biden, makes Mitt a super patriot.

As reported at Reference 1, in part:

Mitt Romney paid $1.9 million in federal taxes in 2011 on income of $13.7 million, an effective rate of 14.1% that reflects the Republican presidential candidate's dividends, capital gains and other returns that are assessed at some of the lowest tax rates.

Romney's tax return, which he released Friday, showed that he boosted his effective tax rate by not declaring all of the $4 million in charitable contributions that he made during 2011, instead only reporting $2.3 million. By doing so he stayed consistent with an earlier public statement that his tax rate for the year would not drop below 13%.”

The Romney campaign also released a statement by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the accounting firm that has prepared his tax returns since 1990, saying that Romney had never had an effective tax rate of less than 13.66% during that period and had an average tax rate during the period of 20.2%.

Thus did Romney rebut allegations by Harry Reid that the Republican paid no federal taxes in some past years.

Tragically, Reid’s viscous allegations were made from the floor of the United States Senate in an act of partisan rage that will tarnish “the most deliberative body in the world” for eons!

Perhaps now is the time for Harry Reid to release his tax returns?