368,000 Stopped Looking for Work In August: Are They "Better Off, " Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

The monthly unemployment report, issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is one of the most significant political events in our tortured times.

Indeed, “The Number,” referring to the unemployment percentage rate, can be a reality check, especially in an election year, which can provide a much-needed measure of sanity to offset all the hoopla and lying that politicians routinely use in order to keep their jobs.

An excellent example is the just- concluded DNC where everyone from convicted perjurer Bill Clinton to Barack Hussein Obama, the beleaguered, out- of- his- league community organizer posing as US President, wasted precious hours attempting to convince the American people that they are “better off than four years ago.”

Unfortunately for Marxists who took over Charlotte, NC last week, President Obama’s “fairy dust” acceptance speech was transformed to “deep-down depression, excessive misery” when the jobs report for August was reported the morning after Obama's snake oil pitch.
According to the August report, private enterprise added 96,000 jobs, well below the 150,000 needed each month just to keep up with population growth.

Interesting enough, the unemployment rate dipped to 8.1 percent, the 43rd consecutive month in which the rate has exceeded 8 percent.

The unemployment percentage rate for August dropped primarily due to the method for calculating the number: People who have given up and who are no longer even trying to find work are not included in the rate!

In August, 368,000 Americans simply quit looking, and are apparently forgotten forever by Obama, who says he believes that government can, and should, fix everything.

Oddly, the President made no mention of those 368,000. No wishing them good luck, no prayers for their future. Nothing.

For a president who claims to think about those who do not have work the very first thing every morning, Barack Obama seems strangely detached and unconcerned.

Why is that, sir? Why do you suppose 368,000 people abruptly pulled the plug on pursuing the American dream?

Might it be because the president (you) are opposed to profit, are all for higher taxes and more regulations, and are generally the most anti-business, anti-jobs president in US history?

Finally, sir, do you honestly believe that those 368,000 souls, and the hundreds of thousands (millions?) who preceded them over the past four years are “better off” than they were four years ago?