The New “N” Word, According to Chris Matthews

By John W. Lillpop

To those who naively believe that America has made significant strides in eradicating the lethal poisons  of racism from our midst, what I am about to tell you is dispiriting, or worse.

From outward appearances, our nation has made some progress:
( )We elected a black President in 2008;

( )The US Attorney General is black;

( )The FLOTUS is black;

( )America’s Middle class includes more and more people of color;

( )Discrimination in employment housing, education, employment, and credit is prohibited by federal law;

( )The only birthday of a non-President that America celebrates as a national holiday is that of Martin Luther King, a black man;

( )America’s music and entertainment industry is dominated by black stars like Oprah, Chris Rock, Denzel Washington, and the late Whitney Houston;

( )Likewise, the sports world is dominated by African-Americans where Barry Bonds has usurped the legendary Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods has replaced Jack Nicklaus,  professional basketball is nearly all black, football the same, and on and on;

So, with all of that raw progress to brag about, one would think that the Race Card has been purged from the deck of Dirty Tricks used by Democrats and their carriers in the mainstream media, right?


As reported at the reference, Chris Matthews of MSNBC has pointed out a glaring and embarrassing remnant of Jack Crow and slavery:  The emergence of a new N word in the color- coded vernacular of Republicans.

Thanks to Matthews, that incoherent, knot-headed, left-wing slobbering moon bat, we are told that the offensive word is , forgive the expression, CHICAGO.

Yes, Chicago, once known as the Windy City and hailed as a great American city.

According to Chris Matthews the new N word is CHICAGO!

Matthews’ enlightening thoughts can be viewed at the Youtube link below:


What next, Chris? Should use of the word CHICAGO be made a hate crime when used by Republican hate mongers?