French President Hollande's Popularity Tanks as Socialist Policies Fail!

By John W. Lillpop

In May of 2012, voters in France exacerbated that nation’s financial crisis by electing a die-hard socialist to the presidency. Five months later, that decision is being second guessed as buyers’ remorse sets in on a grand scale.

As reported at the reference:

French President Francois Hollande’s popularity has fallen 11 per cent in one month, according to a poll published on Sunday, reflecting growing anxiety over his ability to rein in unemployment and improve the economy.

French President François Hollande’s approval rating has slumped by one of the biggest margins in recent times, according to a poll published on Sunday, confirming voter impatience at high unemployment and the rising cost of living.

An IFOP survey for the weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD) had the Socialist president, elected in May 2012, down 11 points in one month with an approval rating of 43%.

It is one of the worst popularity plunges for a French leader since IFOP began polling for the JDD in 1958. Hollande’s score has been beaten just twice.

The IFOP poll confirmed the results of two other surveys published in the last week. Both put Hollande below the symbolic 50% approval rate.”

Thus have the French affirmed once again that socialism is a failed concept every where it has been tried.

Will American voters take note of the message from France when they go to the polls to deal with Barack Obama and his socialist dodo?