Obama Foreign Policy “Successes”? Where? When? What About Libya, Egypt?

By John W. Lillpop

The loss of four American lives in Libya, including the brutal suffocation of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the burning of the American embassy in Egypt should put an immediate end to all of the wishful-thinking, double-talk about the Obama foreign policy “successes” so eagerly spewed by the mainstream media, Obama himself, and deluded Democrats.

First and foremost, the events staged on the 11th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania should serve as a powerful rebuttal to the naive Obama claim that the “war on terror is over!”

It should also set off alarms about Obama’s plans to neuter the US military under the guise of complying with the sequestration mandate.

Seeing the body of Christopher Stevens being dragged through the streets by Islamic fanatics should be enough to convince everyone that now is NOT the time to cut our defenses in order to create funds for Marxist programs designed to "“Fundamentally transform" America.

It should be perfectly clear that America needs a strong, capable military, and a pro-American Commander-in-Chief to manage same—the later will be decided by voters on November 6.

All of this disruption on the same day in which President Obama reportedly rejected a request from Israel PM Netanyahu for a face-to-face meeting next week.

The shunning of Bibi was followed by an announcement that Obama had booked an appearance with Dave Letterman for next week, and might otherwise be unavailable to meet with Bibi because of campaign stops in swing states.

Still, Obama is NOT anti-Israel. Right?

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood thugs of Egypt have joined forces with Iran. Their joint mission?

The eradication of Israel and annihilation of all Jews!

Obama’s dithering on Iran has benefited only Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iranian aspirations to go nuclear. An Iran-Egypt alliance should frighten anyone who cares about Israel, which obviously does not include Barack Obama.

Obama’s foreign policy “successes”: When? Where?