Why Is It Acceptable to "Hurt the Religious Feelings” of Jews?

By John W. Lillpop

Muslim leaders, including the new president of Egypt and others, are petitioning the United Nations and world governments for new laws which would prohibit free speech when expressed in opposition to, or critical of, the Prophet Muhamed, the Koran, or Islam in general.

Severe penalties are proposed against those who would dare make movies like Innocence of Muslims or publish cartoons which Muslims find offensive.

Its all out war against freedom of speech, as we know it, and reflects the insanity of the Obama administration, including UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who, following the attacks on the US embassies in Egypt and Libya, immediately attacked those who dared “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”

Without exactly saying so, the implication was that it was a 14 minute video on You-tube that precipitated the attacks, said attacks at least partially justified by the blasphemy of Innocence of Muslims.

Thus did the Obama administration join the war on free speech in order to appease rioting terrorists, called “spontaneous” protestors by  loose cannons in Washington.

While there is no question that the video clip and other expressions portray the Islam faith in a negative light, what about what Muslims say everyday about Jews and the state of Israel?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whips up hate speech nearly every day with threats and denigration against Jews, calling them “pigs” criminals, and worse.

Ahmadinejad and other Jew-haters around the world mock the Holocaust as a blatant lie emanating from the West in concert with the Jews, he calls openly for driving Israel into the sea, and for burying Jews en masse in Jerusalem

And that is civil, protected speech?

How about some restrain by Muslims when it comes to hurting the religious feelings of Jews?