Dems Invade “Right To Work” State Where Gay Marriage Is Banned, Give Floor to Serial Abuser of Women!

By John W. Lillpop

Consistently inconsistent is an apt description of  moon bat Democrats who began their invasion of the great state of North Carolina this day.

Remember, this is the party that survives on monies coerced from working men and women forced to join corrupt labor unions, and pay union dues, in order to avoid being “black-balled” from the few jobs still available in the depressed Obama economy.

Oddly, somehow individual CHOICE is sacred when it comes to slaughtering innocent babies, but unnecessary when it comes to decisions about labor unions and jobs.

It’s simple, pay union dues or do not work!

To the consternation of labor union thugs and other Democrats, North Carolina is a “Right to Work” state, which means that workers have a choice about whether or not they are to be puppets of corrupt unions.

North Carolina is also a state that recognizes marriage as a union between one man and one woman, a direct contradiction of the Democrat Party platform which sanctions marriage between any two or three entities without regard to gender, species, the will of God, or modern civilized thought.

Again, to the consternation of party intellectuals, North Carolina passed a ban on gay marriage about the same time that President Obama was “evolving” into a gay rights activist!

Who dares say that this president is without influence?
Democrats have made much of the Republican’s alleged “War on Women” recently, with bitter attacks on  GOP opposition to tax-payer funded abortions and contraception.

Somehow, protecting unborn life and shielding taxpayers from footing the bill for abortions and contraception equates to a “War on Women” in the small, cluttered minds of liberals.

Unfortunately for those genuinely concerned with malfeasance against women, DNC thinkers have installed none other than William Jefferson Clinton, former Democrat president, as a major speaker at the Charlotte bash.

President Clinton will be remembered as the impeached ex-president who tried to “fundamentally transform” the Oval Office into a tax-payer funded paradise/sanctuary for sexual predators, especially himself, whose tryst quotient is still being studied by those who concern themselves with the incidence of sexual addition in government.

Clinton was eventually disbarred in Arkansas and prohibited from arguing before the SCOTUS, not because of his out-of-control libido, but because of perjury and obstruction of justice!

With THAT resume, Bill Clinton is obviously a perfect choice for addressing the DNC where a major objective is to scald Republicans for the low esteem with which women are held by their members!

Consistently inconsistent—a patented trademark of the Democrat Party.