Open Letter to Muslims About “Hurt Religious Feelings”

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to Religion of Peace adherents, some of your responses to perceived offenses against Mohamed and Islam appear disproportional and, frankly, unjustified.

For instance, the recent turmoil in Egypt and Libya were allegedly in retaliation for a film critical of Islam which was produced by an obscure American citizen. A film which nobody can recall seeing, much less agreeing with, and which reflects nothing of US government policy or popular American thought.

Does it make sense, then, to murder four American diplomats and torch a US embassy for an offensive work that may not even exist, and which absolutely has no link to the American government and or people?

We understand and respect how sacred the religious symbols and figures of Islam are to Muslims. We understand how criticism or questioning of Islam can lead to “hurt religious feelings.”

In America, our laws protect religious beliefs and expression, while also allowing for dissent. That is a cornerstone of our Democratic system and applies to Islam as well as to all religions.

We even protect the right to disbelieve.

While tolerant and forgiving, our laws do not sanction the use of murder and violence against those who suffer “hurt feelings.”

Killing American diplomats and torching our embassies because of “hurt feelings” is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Be forewarned: America is in an election cycle and may very well elect a man of deep religious faith and a man committed to freedom of religion and speech.

If elected, Mitt Romney will not tolerate murder and violence against American people or property, regardless of cause.

In his view, “Hurt Religious Feelings” can never justify the spilling of American blood or devastation of US property.