After Four Years of Progressive Rot, America Deserves Some R&R (Romney and Ryan!)

By John W. Lillpop

Over the past four years, the Obama-Biden circus act has brought forth to these shores a miserable legacy of high unemployment, reckless spending, soaring deficits, downgraded credit, weakened global influence, diminished military capabilities, abandonment of rule of rule, widespread social rot, moral decadence and worse, all in the name of “fundamental transformation” of the most prosperous and free society in human history.

Undeterred by the tragic decline of America at the hands of a vastly overrated Community Organizer posing as president, Obama and his band of merry Marxists offer no apologies for ending the American Dream as we know it, perhaps forever.

In fact, our elitist, moon- beam president even had the gall to claim, “We tried our plan, and it worked!”

Imagine, a 16-trillion-dollar deficit, unwieldy spending, a dismal lack of purpose and hope for the future, and the chief architect of it all stands before We the people and declares victory?

All the while begging for another four years, mind you!

Frankly, it (The Obama presidency) is all too much!

From the inception of this folly on January 20, 2009 until now, this president and his bizarre, un-American policies have been a huge drain on the psychological and physical resilience of normal people.

How does one cope with a president who tackles the problem of illegal immigration by declaring nearly two million invaders exempt from the law?

Or who ignores the War Powers Act with the argument that firing Tomahawk Missiles into Libya does not meet the definition of “hostilities”?

The mind boggles at such nonsense, but after a while, the corrosive effect of his idiocy exacts a toll. Indeed, scores of millions of Americans are exasperated to the point of exhaustion!

Can’t take much more insanity, you say?

There MAY be help on the way, but its up to we the people.

In Tampa this week, young warriors of the GOP reaffirmed this nation’s commitment to common sense and logic.

And the GOP offered the American people an R and R solution to the Obama insanity.
R and R—that is Romney and Ryan, folks!

Rest and relaxation from the progressive Marxism of the past four years.

R and R…we the people richly deserve some R and R, so bring it on!