Barack Obama: Pretending to Be Presidential

By John W. Lillpop

Former Vice President Dick Cheney ruffled a good many elitist feathers recently when he accused the president of pretending that America is not at war. Cheney’s words were immediately challenged by the same fellow who took three days to make a public statement about the terrorist incident on Flight 253 this Christmas Day.

So which one is right? Is Cheney overstating the situation, or is President Obama in denial?

It may be the latter, considering other similar positions taken by President Obama. Namely:

* Islam is a religion of peace: 9.11, the Fort Hood slaughters, and Flight 253 are but isolated examples

* Shutting down GITMO will eventually persuade Muslim fanatics to give up IEDs and suicide bombings

* Janet Napolitano was the most qualified person in all of America to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

* The “Bush Recession” is over, although his sky-high unemployment numbers continue to linger

* Working as planned: The trillion dollar stimulus which was supposed to create or save 3-4 million jobs

* Spending additional trillions of dollars is absolutely essential in order to reduce the federal deficit

* Adding 30 million to the ranks of the insured will cut overall medical costs, reduce the deficit, improve the quality of care and will not result in higher taxes

* 250 million Christians live here; however, America is not a Christian nation

* Hillary Clinton is perfectly content to be Secretary of State and has no aspirations for higher elective office

* Amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens has nothing whatsoever to do with growing the base of the Democrat party

* The Obama administration “saved the US economy” from falling into a devastating depression

* “Unprecedented breakthrough” and “meaningful agreement” were produced at the Global Warming conference in Copenhagen

* ClimateGate is a vast right wing conspiracy designed to embarrass Al Gore and Barbara Boxer

* Winning the war in Afghanistan is a top priority, provided that the troops can be brought home at least one year ahead of the 2012 election

* Reading terrorists captured on the battle field their Miranda rights will convince the Mullahs of Iran to shut down all of their 10,000 enrichment centrifuges

* All problems currently vexing America originated with former President George W. Bush

And the number 1 pretense of all: Barack Obama’s first year in office merits a B+!