Caning of SCOTUS Exposes Obama's Lack of Prime Time Sophistication

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama slithered to a new low on Wednesday by lashing out at the US Supreme Court during his State of the Union address.

The assembled justices, representing an equal branch of government, were not afforded equal time to rebut the president, although Judge Alito begged to differ with the fallen messiah and made that fact abundantly clear by mouthing his dissent.

Tolerating dissent does not appear to be one of this president’s strengths; nevertheless, this is still America and Alito showed remarkable restraint by not shouting out “YOU LIE!” at our befuddled leader.

In addition to being tacky and down right rude, Obama’s outburst shows an embarrassing lack of maturity and good sense.

After all, Obama has an agenda for change that would displace many institutionalized American values. Implementing such change is certain to provoke legal challenges, including cases that will inevitably wind up before the very justices that Obama was slamming so ferociously.

Why would any president with even a lick of common sense choose to publicly humiliate the people who could very well make or break his presidency?

What was the motivation? Was Obama simply providing a sassy punch line for leftist nut balls in Congress to cheer?

If so, that would be a pity. Democrats hold the White House and majorities in both houses and yet the only thing to cheer is a presidential caning of the Supreme Court?

Clearly, President Obama is not ready for prime time. He needs to reboot his entire political career and pronto.

Perhaps a stint of taking coffee to the Clintons is more in line with your capabilities at this time and would enhance your political acumen, Mr. President?

Finally, it appears that the issue of Obama’s birth certificate can be safely put on hold, at least temporarily.

Instead, let’s demand to see his High School diploma!