Massachusetts Provides “Teaching Moment” for Obama, Liberals

By John W. Lillpop

Judging from the fallout over Scott Brown’s unprecedented victory, President Obama and fellow lunatics in Congress seem disinclined to accept the election results as a legitimate measure of voter disgust with liberalism and Obama.

Obama even hinted that the election was carryover rage that voters still harbored against his predecessor. That, of course, would be George W. Bush, the most vindicated president in our history.

Can you imagine? Why would Massachusetts voters choose a conservative Republican to replace the icon of liberal malfeasance, the late Ted Kennedy, because of lingering displeasure over Bush, another conservative?

Would that not be cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face, as it were?

The simple truth is that the Obama mystique has been exposed a monstrous fraud perpetrated on an unsuspecting electorate.

Who would have voted for Obama knowing that his policies would cause unemployment to soar?

Who would have checked the box next to Obama’s name knowing that two terrorist attack attempts, one of which was successful, would strike America within the first year of his presidency?

Who would have voted for CHANGE knowing that it would cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars for nothing but liberal puff?

Still, there is a bright side to all of this, Mr. President. Why not man up and accept your decline as a “teaching moment” from which great wisdom can be gleaned and America can recover?

Why not accept your first year in office as proof positive that socialism simply does not work in America?