Why Not CHANGE in Massachusetts, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

Just how is it that Barack Obama, whose entire campaign for the presidency was based on CHANGE, has suddenly gone wobbly in the knees about that very concept, at least when it comes to the open seat for the US Senate in Massachusetts?

After all, the late Senator Ted Kennedy served in the Senate for 46 years. He was first sworn in to the Senate in 1963, when baby Barack was still dithering about in diapers, somewhere in Kenya or Hawaii.

46 long years, Mr. President!

All the while, Kennedy carried the banner of liberal extremism and was the “hit man” for leftist causes that are now crippling our great nation, its economy, its moral standards, its defense, and its social order.

Regrettably, the woman Democrats would like to install in Kennedy’s seat is another far-left lefty who, until recently, has presumed Kennedy’s seat to be the sole and exclusive property of the Democrat Party and the Kennedy family.

That is, until the recent surge by conservative Republican Scott Brown who skillfully reminded Coakley and Democrats that, in fact, Kennedy’s seat belongs to the people.

You know government by and for We the People, a concept that has apparently fallen into harsh disfavor with Democrats!

Scott Brown’s reminder has helped build momentum for his candidacy, which may actually succeed in bringing badly needed CHANGE to Massachusetts and the Marxist-dominated US Senate.

Looking for real CHANGE that will actually benefit America?

If so, the choice is very clear: End 46 years of the same old politics as usual nonsense and elect Scott Brown!

After all, CHANGE is what it is all about, right Mr. President?