Sheer Joy: When PC Bites a Clueless Marxist in the Tush

By John W. Lillpop

Inasmuch as Hollywood and television moguls are no longer producing uplifting hilarity, it has fallen to liberal politicians and their screw-ball antics to keep Americans suitably amused and, it should be noted, equally outraged.

For instance, while Lucille Ball kept Americans in giggles for decades, even Lucy’s looniest moments were not as crazy as Shrieker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s as she tried to justify taking communion despite her ardent support for abortion rights.

According to Pelosi, the Catholic “Fathers” had not really decided that abortion is sinful. It was, at least in her abused mind, an open issue!

Side-splitting funny, that was!

Older Americans will remember the good old days when comedian Red Skelton, America’s Clown Prince, would entertain kids from one to 92 with his “Freddy the Freeloader” skits and stand-up that would make one laugh so hard that it physically hurt!

However, “Freddie” has nothing on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has appointed himself as the moral voice of the US Senate, at least when it comes to accusing Republicans of being racial bigots.

In an insane attempt to paint those who oppose ObamaCare as bigots and racists, Reid recently compared them to the scalawags who opposed emancipation of Negro slaves when Republican President Abe Lincoln was in office.

Reid made headlines with his attacks on Republicans, apparently forgetting some “insensitive” comments he himself uttered about Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign when the befuddled senator proudly noted that Obama was “light-skinned and had no Negro dialect.”

Watching this dreadful Marxist squirm and wiggle while choking on his own PC drivel is more amusing than anything seen recently on Comedy Central or the Jon Stewart Daily Show.

Even more hysterical are the pathetic attempts by Reid’s political colleagues to make light of the senator’s rancid words.

Some say it was a simple mistake that has been redeemed by an apology, making it time to get on with the business of bankrupting America.

Others defend Reid by saying he was simply trying to point out Obama’s “positive” qualities!

So, being darker and having a “negro dialect” are negative aspects, huh? Sounds like racism to me!

Clearly, America still has plenty to work on when it comes to issues of race. That no one can deny.

However, as Reid’s clownish behavior reveals, hypocrisy exists at the highest levels of the Democrat party.

By the way, where is the outrage from the likes of the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, and Jesse Jackson?

Why is Al Sharpton not leading a million person march on Washington, D.C. to demand that Harry Reid be bounced from office immediately?

Might it have anything to do with the fact that Nevada’s Governor Jim Gibbons is a Republican who would surely appoint another Republican to replace the irreplaceable Harry Reid, thereby torpedoing the ObamaCare scheme?

Whatever, the fact remains that liberal insanity is a five star comedy—provided it can be prevented from destroying America while amusing us!