Another Trillion Dollar Mistake in the Offing, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

Dear President Obama,

One of your first acts after being inaugurated as America’s 44th President was to push Congress to send you a “stimulus” package for sparking the depressed economy into recovery.

As the bill was winding its way through Congress, you insisted that passing the legislation was of such urgency that the normal procedures for debate and reconciliation should be put in abeyance.

There was simply not enough time for the professional checks and oversights that would normally apply when nearly one trillion dollars of taxpayer money is at risk.

In exchange for sidestepping the normal procedures and acting with haste, you promised the American people that the “stimulus” would create or save 3-4.5 million jobs in short order.

Nearly twelve months later, the national unemployment rate has ballooned to the highest level in 30 years with nearly 15 million Americans out of work. Those 3-4.5 million jobs that you promised are but an illusion as Congress and your administration consider yet another stimulus package, after already extending unemployment benefits.

Clearly, the stimulus was based on miscalculations of major proportions. The rush to legislate without due consideration was surely another factor leading to failure.

Unfortunately, money spent in the name of stimulus accrues directly to the national deficit, an entity which is already dramatically out of control.

On the heels of the trillion dollar stimulus mistake, your administration and the Congress are closing in on what is called health care reform.

As with the stimulus package, the American people are being told that there is not enough time to intelligently debate and reconcile the various issues that make health care reform so complex.

Again, urgency trumps discipline and prudence. Resolution of differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill will be conducted in secret, hidden away from the American people.

With all due respect, sir, is health care reform another trillion dollar mistake in the offing?