Let Go of GITMO Foolishness, Mr. President!

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to our dithering Commander-in-Chief, just who in the bloody hell is he trying to impress with his “close GITMO” and other programs designed to assuage terrorists?

Is President Obama really so naive as to believe that transferring GITMO detainees to Illinois is going to cause Al-Quaeda thugs to unclench their fists and lay down their decapitation axes?

Illinois, land of Lincoln, and minus 50 degrees in winter?

Is President Obama really so blinded by his addiction to liberal thought that he believes that trying KSM and other Muslim misfits in New York City, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars in the middle of an economic depression, will matter one iota to evil savages like Osama bin Laden who detest western concepts such as Democracy, freedom, and equality?

Does he really believe that apologizing on behalf of America and stating that we are not a Christian nation on foreign soil will cause Muslim fanatics to see that, despite being despicable infidels, Americans are kind and gentle folk who should be tolerated by Islam in the interest of diversity?

Surely this president must know that Islamofascists openly and flagrantly promote their agenda of an Islam-only world order where infidels are butchered like rats in order to please Allah?

Is this president unable to face truth and admit that the only way to co-exist with Islamofascists is to abandon our Democracy and Constitutional self-governance in favor of Sharia law?

Has sitting through 20 years of hated-filled, anti-American sermons by Pastor Jeremiah Wright unalterably biased President Obama’s mind against all things American?

Does President Obama realize that the American people are fed up with his insane rush to tear down American values in order to placate dim wits who would cut our throats ear-to-ear, given the chance?

Does he understand how angry we are and how we want to shout from the top of our lungs: Let Go of the GITMO Foolishness, Mr. President!

Forget Miranda rights, trials in civilian courts and other stupid concessions to the damn terrorists!

Mr. President, you were elected to protect and defend the American people. Do not violate that trust by concerning yourself with the well-being of renegade killers stuck in the 7th century!